Do you know how to connect with clients and like to talk to them? Are you good at selling meaningful work that is visible to the world? Do you want to move companies forward by giving them good advice? Read on!

If you get kicked out the door, do you come back through the window? If they throw you out the window, can you get back in through the chimney? If the answer is yes twice, you’re our person.

We are looking for an active salesperson who will fit in and be a pleasure to work with. An overview of the marketing and advertising world will be your advantage.

  • Where: In our Brno office in Královo Pole
  • When: the sooner you get in, the better
  • How: Full-time

You’re our man, if:

  • You live for business, are good at connecting with people and reaching new customers,
  • you’re spilling the experience of your previous victorious business campaigns,
  • you can find out what the client needs and advise them on the appropriate solution,
  • you have organisational skills and are proactive,
  • you’re not afraid of big challenges or difficult clients.

If you join us, during the working days you will:

  • actively communicate with customers and build a friendly business relationship with them,
  • reach out to new clients,
  • develop cooperation with current customers,
  • provide marketing advice to customers,
  • create quotations.

For good work, we offer you:

  • pleasant working environment,
  • all the facilities needed for trading,
  • meaningful and creative work,
  • flexible working hours,
  • fixed salary with incentive bonuses,
  • employee benefits.

You can find out everything important at our meeting. Quick, write something about yourself to, send your CV and we will contact you to arrange a personal meeting.